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Meet the #1 App for Meditation and Sleep

The reality is – everyone loves being mindful, but no one has the time. UrbanYogi will solve this problem for you.

UrbanYogi, named the 2019 iPhone app of the year by Apple itself,  promises to help users sleep better, boost confidence and reduce stress and anxiety, all with the help of guided meditations, soothing music, and yoga nidra.

"A 2011 Harvard study showed that participating in a mindfulness meditation program made measurable changes in brain regions associated with memory, sense of self, empathy, and stress".

So the question is: How do we start practicing it?" Have you ever thought, "What if you could meditate everyday, 365 days a year? It is difficult for you to find the right meditation for yourself day after day, specially on the bad days. But what if someone did that for you?"

Thousands are meditating every day with the UrbanYogi app, and more are discovering it every day. Why are so many people in love with our little meditation app? Here are 4 of our favourite reasons.

1. Backed By Science: The Product & The Service

As soon as you open the app, you are prompted to SignUp. Then you are asked to answer a few questions so that UrbanYogi can share with you your Well-Being Score and tailor recommendations and create a daily plan for you to help you improve your Well-Being Score.

UrbanYogi sessions are based on proven mindfulness techniques by top experts to feel more calm and sleep better.

2. Daily 10 minutes personalised plan for your busy life

Your daily 10 minutes personalised plan recommends new sessions from top coaches everyday. The daily plan compliments your busy life really well by taking care of session duration and your daily wellness needs.

The meditation section is organised into different categories, like Stress, Focus, Anxiety, and Relationships. UrbanYogi offers both guided and unguided meditations and the sessions can range anywhere from 3 to 90 minutes.

3. Always stay connected with your personal coach

How your life and your mental state would change if you had a personal coach who is available 24*7 for you.

You can talk to your coach about your meditation practice (what makes it difficult, what makes it worth it, the thoughts that bug you during your practice), your professional and personal problems.

Get clear insights into how UrbanYogi is coaching you by tracking your progress over time. Your coach checks-in every week and helps you improve your WellBeing score.

4. Categories for your every mood and need

UrbanYogi is best known for its curated content library. They’re divided up into 3 categories, namely sleep, guided meditation and music. These categories cover everything such as beginners, work, inner peace, anxiety, emotions, and personal growth.

Each category contains topic-specific meditation journeys or singles. For example, in the anxiety section, you’ll find sessions like “Release Anxiety,” “SOS Help Stress & Anxiety,” and “Releasing Anxiety.”

Beginners are encouraged to start off with the “21 Days of Bliss” series or focus on their Daily Plan, and then transition into “Morning Mindset for Success” to sharpen their skills.

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What is UrbanYogi?

UrbanYogi is a meditation and sleep app that brings the learnings from top experts in the form of 10-minutes personalised daily plan and a human personal coach. The reality is – everyone loves being stress-free and happy, but no one knows the secret. UrbanYogi brings you the answer and makes it super easy and rewarding.

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